RPA Adoption Methodology

At i360, our end-to-end RPA adoption methodology encompasses everything from Center of Excellence (COE) creation, to pipeline generation techniques, to platform architecture considerations, to development and support best practices. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, our clients can avoid pitfalls often associated with maturing RPA programs, such as scalability issues and security roadblocks. Using our proven approaches and methods as a foundation, we seek to understand each client’s unique organizational requirements and customize our solution to fit each client’s specific needs.

Our RPA Experience

i360’s RPA experience encompasses industry-leading RPA platforms including UiPath and Blue Prism. Thanks to our comprehensive RPA methodology and expertise, we offer the following services to our UiPath and Blue Prism clients:

Vision: Establishment of an appropriate RPA vision, including RPA COE guidelines, internal and external messaging considerations, and appropriate automation pipeline methodologies.

Platform: Design and implementation of a scalable RPA architecture, including hardware and software components and taking into consideration security and privacy requirements.

Delivery: Development of best practice RPA processes to automate tedious and repetitive tasks, freeing employees to perform more strategic, value-adding activities.

Capability: Delivery of in-person training and workshops, providing client RPA developers the opportunity to learn and practice delivering best practices, techniques, and more.

Support: Creation of helpdesk methodologies and processes to support automations and augment support teams.