Our Commitment

We are highly committed to the quality of the products, solutions, and services we provide to our customers. We focus on achieving total customer satisfaction, which means delivering quality work on time, on schedule, within budget, and with measurable returns on our customer’s investment.

We believe that achieving quality performance on each of our engagements requires establishment and implementation of a quality assurance/quality management system that is custom-tailored to each of our customers. Their requirements, work environment, and regulatory/legal mandates drive the QA development and implementation process.

Based on our past experiences with quality management system implementations we have witnessed the benefits of successful application of custom developed QA plans and how those benefits are seen at all levels of the organization.

Management benefits from insight and valuable information gained, on which they measure performance metrics, evaluate results and draw conclusions, then make decisions and take actions to effectively manage resources and positively impact project performance.

Employees benefit from increased job satisfaction based on a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and their impact in the organization; improved communications at all levels; valuable feedback on their work, advanced training to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities; and management support from committed leaders from the top down.
Customers benefit from a well-trained, highly-motivated workforce focused on results and achieving customer satisfaction.

To support our quality commitment and policy, i360 has developed its own quality program that integrates the requirements of Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI), ISO 9000 and other key standards. This is designed to ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement of our solutions and services.

To ensure the highest quality of the deliverables for our customers, we have implemented a three-tiered review process. Each major deliverable is assigned a senior member to ensure the requirements of the deliverable have been met. Also, each deliverable goes through a technical review as well as an independent editorial review. This overall process is audited by our Quality Assurance Manager on a continual basis.

Our major programs and projects are subject to a formal management review. These reviews are conducted by an officer of the company and designed to identify issues or concerns within the program/project. This process ensures that all major program projects have visibility at the highest levels within the company.