We provide subject matter expertise to bring consistency of procedures to ensure continuous availability. We manage and operate your data center operations by providing services such as:

  • Backup, restoration, archival services
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of operational issues
  • Database administration – backups, recovery, performance tuning
  • Distribution and release of system software including Operating system updates
  • Activities to support change, capacity, and configuration management
  • Capacity Management – analyze capacity requirements, maintain capacity plan, and produce capacity management reports

We work with our clients to establish security systems and procedures; operate and update them in response to changes.

Our application management specialists bring industry-leading practices to help provide scalable and flexible application management services to ensure reliability and availability. These services include:

  • Application Monitoring – monitoring application operations to identify issues that may affect performance or completion of activities
  • Batch and Scheduled Job Execution – scheduling and executing processes that must run at specified times or under specified conditions, and verifying that those processes executed successfully
  • Application and Infrastructure Tuning – managing capacity and the use of resources so that the operations remain within SLA-specified performance guidelines
  • Software Patch Application – applying patches, family packs, and cumulative roll-ups development and production systems consistent with the Configuration Change Management process in place
  • Software Support – Maintain software to be operational and vendor supported through application of patches and upgrades to software as needed to maintain your organization’s SLA and compliance requirements
  • Emergency Preventative and Corrective Maintenance – emergency action to respond to a system incident or to prevent an avoidable system incident
  • Configuration Management (CM) – Identify configuration items including hardware, software, describe these items, and conduct periodic audits to validate that the inventory of configuration items matches the physical reality